Sunday morning talking heads

A slow, holiday-shortened news week means a spate of Sunday shows lacking major newsmakers. The most notable guest: Anita Hill, who’ll be on “Meet the Press” to revisit her allegations about Clarence Thomas amid the “Pervnado” that’s sweeping America. Thomas has largely avoided scrutiny this month even as other prominent political figures from the 1990s like Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush have gotten a second look for their behavior with women. Hill’s going to try to jump-start a second look at him.

Meanwhile, the two congresswomen who have spoken up in recent weeks about sexual harassment on Capitol Hill are booked for the same show. It’ll be Jackie Speier and Barbara Comstock sitting down with “This Week,” both to be pressed for their thoughts about members of Congress present and future who have been accused of misconduct. Comstock, the Republican, has already said her piece about Roy Moore, calling weeks ago for him to drop out of the Alabama Senate race. Speier, the Democrat, will be on the hot seat about Al Franken and especially John Conyers. Does she dare call for the longest-serving member of the House to quit under fire?

Elsewhere a variety of legislators from both parties will be on to spin tax reform. It’ll be John Thune on “Fox News Sunday,” Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin on “State of the Union,” and Nancy Pelosi and Rob Portman on “Meet the Press.” The most interesting guest this morning, though, may be progressive billionaire Tom Steyer, who’s been funding a series of television ads — starring himself — that began by making the case for Trump’s impeachment and have since morphed suspiciously into campaign-style commercials calling for more liberal economic policies. Watch his latest spot below. He’ll be on “State of the Union” after Graham and Durbin. If I were a cynic, I’d think Steyer was dangling red meat about impeachment at Democratic voters only because he’s interested in building a mailing list ahead of a future run for office. Good thing I’m not a cynic. The full line-up is at the AP.

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