The saddest palate cleanser: Megyn Kelly and Hoda Kotb get down

Well, sad for Megyn Kelly fans. For Trumpers who hate her, this may be the greatest palate cleanser ever.

A year ago she was the 9 p.m. host, Republican primary debate moderator, and presidential election co-anchor for the most-watched cable news network in America.


A year later, she’s covering this:

If you think that’s depressing, watch the clip below to see what she was reduced to today. It’s not even the silliness of the dancing that’s depressing. It’s the desperation. We are going to make this show “fun” if we have to kill someone to do it.

Trump might as well declare victory: “I defeated ISIS and Megyn in the same week. Sad!”

By the way, it’s no accident that her dance partner here is Hoda Kotb, co-host of the hour that follows Kelly’s show in the morning on NBC. Her guest yesterday was Kathie Lee Gifford, the other co-host of that hour. Kathie Lee and Hoda have seen their own ratings decline lately due to Kelly’s poor lead-in. Evidently NBC’s concluded that one thing that might buoy Kelly up is more appearances from, er … more popular NBC hosts.

Exit question: She’s going to end up hosting “The Kelly File” mid-afternoons on MSNBC, isn’t she? Sigh.

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