"Shut down ICE!": Amnesty activists shout down Pelosi over DREAM deal with Trump

As of mid-afternoon on Monday, it’s already a cinch you won’t watch anything more enjoyable online this week than this.

Remember this post from Friday night? Words can’t capture how funny it’ll be if the open-borders left muscles Schumer and Pelosi into walking away from a DREAM deal with Trump standing by, ready and willing to sell out. Seeing Pelosi squirm face to face with the radical amnesty shills Democrats have created is but a simple pleasure. The deeper pleasure is knowing that if you dislike the idea of a DREAM compromise in which DACA enrollees get citizenship and border hawks get a few border security upgrades plus some magic beans, these shrieking idiots might be your best friends right now. There’s not much the right can do to stop Trump given how loyal Republicans are to him. There *are* things the left can do to stop Schumer and Pelosi.

“You called this press conference in our name to defend the so-called Dream Act, but you already traded in our parents in our name,” the crowd chanted among a series of other accusations…

“We demand a clean bill that protects immigrant youth without hurting our families,” the protesters chanted.

They accused Mrs. Pelosi and her fellow Democrats of giving into Mr. Trump’s “deportation machine” and accused her of using Dreamers as a “bargaining chip.”

Actually, it’s the GOP that’s using DREAMers as a bargaining chip. They’ll trade amnesty for border security, which is Pelosi’s bargaining chip. That’s one of the great travesties of America’s modern immigration debate: Securing the border is a partisan concession for Democrats, to be made only in exchange for legalizing lawbreaking.

Still, the DREAMers aren’t being wholly irrational here. It’s *mostly* irrational not to lock down a statutory amnesty when you have a border hawk in the White House who could tear up DACA at any time and start deporting DREAMers en masse. If he’s willing to give up that power, take him up on it! He might even get enough good press from doing a deal that he’ll take an interest in a broader comprehensive plan to legalize most of the result of America’s illegal population. When your party’s out of the White House, in the minority in both houses of Congress, and staring at a near impossible map in the Senate next year, you take what you can get now. But there’s also a chance that doing an amnesty for DREAMers and no one else will exhaust Republicans’ appetite for immigration deals for the next decade or more. If your paramount goal is legalizing all illegals, not just the most sympathetic ones, arguably the DREAMers here are right that Schumer and Pelosi should hold out and see if they can get Trump to bite on an all-or-nothing comprehensive deal. Clearly he wants to legalize DREAMers and avoid the bad press that would come from deporting them. Democrats are giving up their leverage over a national amnesty by agreeing to one for DREAMers alone.

Or is that not the goal at all? I get the sense listening to these people that even if Schumer and Pelosi negotiated an amnesty for all 11 million illegals with Trump, they’d be out there screaming if the deal involved major enforcement upgrades like E-Verify, the RAISE Act, and the wall. Amnesty isn’t really the paramount objective; continued amnesties, i.e. open borders, is. Nothing except a unilateral amnesty without security improvements might do. That’ll be a fun task on the next Democratic president’s to-do list.

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