Charlie Hebdo: "God exists! He drowned all the neo-Nazis of Texas"

All of the obvious points have been made elsewhere. It’s gross; it dishonors the Texans who liberated France from the actual Nazi menace; there’ll be no terror attacks over this insult, unlike certain other insults we’re all familiar with. Fair enough. I’d add that it’s … lame. This is the best they can do with a story as vivid as a Biblical flood in the heart of cowboy country? At least work some redneck or Trump jokes in there, for fark’s sake.

But look. This is a paper that’s shed blood for free speech and the right to provoke. They may be the last publication in the western world for which provocation genuinely is an equal-opportunity offense. That’s not an excuse, just a reminder that for Charlie Hebdo, I think, sacred cows of any sort are an irresistible target. What’s the nastiest thing you could write about innocent people suffering immensely from a natural disaster? It’s CH’s mission to figure that out and follow through. In a way, though grievously insulting, it’s not personal.

This comment from conservative radio host Joe Walsh is also making the rounds today:

Did Walsh forget that, er, most of the editorial staff was murdered by jihadis for the alleged offense of drawing Mohammed? Of course not. He remembers; his point is that Charlie Hebdo has vowed not to do that anymore, allegedly proof that they’ve gone soft on Islam. I don’t know, though. How many other western newspapers had something like this on their front page after the Barcelona terror attack a few weeks ago?

Anyway. Maybe cartoonists everywhere should take the rest of the week off, eh? A red-state catastrophe isn’t bringing out the best in them.