Of course: McCain's favorable rating now 35 points higher among Democrats than Republicans

I mean, he is a Democrat.

How many senators are underwater among their own party (-10) and way, waaaaay above water in the other one (+56)? Maybe ol’ Maverick should consider the big switch after all.

All things considered, having just cast the vote that probably sank ObamaCare repeal for good, 39/49 among Republicans isn’t half bad. Either there are a surprisingly large number of GOPers who were glad to see “skinny repeal” go down or there’s enough residual goodwill for McCain within the party to make his repeal vote not completely alienating to the base. Personal sympathy for him given the state of his health contributed too, I’m sure.

Trump’s national favorable rating, incidentally, is 34/61, placing him 52 net points behind McCain. That’s unsurprising on two levels. One is that the numbers come from Quinnipiac, which has consistently recorded the most brutal numbers for Trump of any major pollster all year. They have his job approval today at 33/61, their worst number for him since Inauguration Day and among the worst recorded by anyone in 2017. The other reason that’s unsurprising, though, is that Trump is seeing a small but significant slide in many different polls right now — he’s at 38 percent in the usually friendly Rasmussen survey, at 36 percent in Gallup, and at 35 percent in Reuters. The only other poll taken so far this month is the Economist’s, which had him at 39 percent. He’s below 40 in five out of five in August. How come? A clue:

He’s been at rock bottom among Democrats for ages but now even some Trump supporters are starting to lose faith. That’s also in line with other polls showing a slide among Republican voters recently: Reuters has him at 76 percent job approval among GOPers, YouGov has him at 75 percent, and Rasmussen has him at just 70. Quinnipiac, the poll that included the McCain data, has Trump at 76/17 among Republicans and at 34/60 among independents. There’s no way to tell if the downturn is due mostly to the failure of repeal and replace or to West Wing chaos but there’s evidence in Quinnipiac to support both theories. On health care, he’s at 28/65 overall and just 66/25 among his own party; on the question of whether he’s “levelheaded,” he stands at 26/71(!) among the general public and at 57/37 among Republicans. Like I said in another post yesterday, I think GOPers would tolerate nonsense like the Scaramucci circus if Trump was making gains in Congress and they’d tolerate stasis in Congress if the White House were being run impressively. (Mooch is polling at a cool 9/45, according to Quinnipiac.) Stasis + circus = bad vibes, though. Maybe John Kelly can turn it around.

Here’s Trump nemesis and nationalist scourge Jeff Flake telling Jake Tapper yesterday about his criticism of the president, “Some things are more important than a political career.” Exit quotation via Kevin Williamson: “‘Flake isn’t a conservative!’ say people supporting a guy who was pro-choice, anti-gun, single-payer Democrat until day before yesterday.”

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