Meet America's newest wall-building border-enforcing hardass: Paul Ryan

To cleanse the palate, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at this. I haven’t enjoyed watching an amnesty fan feebly pose as a border hawk so much since McCain’s legendary “complete the dang fence” Senate ad in 2010, which will probably remain the gold standard for all time. Says a Twitter pal, “If only [Ryan] would’ve said this many years ago we might not be where we are at right now.” Right, possibly. But Ryan had better things to do before the Trump era, like working with open-borders fanatic Luis Gutierrez on “bipartisan” immigration plans.

Also, the horseback outro is a bit much.

Didn’t … John Kelly just announce that he’s talked Trump out of building a border wall? We’re getting a “barrier” instead. Complete the dang barrier!