Sunday morning talking heads

Normally it would be wall-to-wall John McCain this morning given his fondness for the Sunday shows and his momentous vote to kill skinny repeal on Thursday night, but he’s preparing to start treatment for cancer at home in Arizona tomorrow. The star guest is one of the other two no votes on skinny repeal, Susan Collins, who’s been more reserved than Maverick in criticizing Trump but more implacable in opposing him legislatively. She’ll be on “Meet the Press” and “State of the Union” to recount how the moderates nuked the health-care reform effort. Opposite her on MTP (as well as appearing on “This Week”) is HHS Secretary Tom Price, who … you don’t see much of anymore. He still turns up on Sunday morning TV now and again but he was awfully quiet during the Senate health-care saga. Is another Trump cabinet member being marginalized? Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi will appear on “Fox News Sunday” to celebrate the fact that the legislative Frankenstein she stitched together in 2010 continues to stalk the land, not quite fully alive but not quite dead either.

Elsewhere, Corey Lewandowski will do some celebrating of his own on “Meet the Press” now that Trump loyalists are beginning to fully supplant establishmentarians in the White House. Priebus and Spicer are out, Anthony Scaramucci and — soon? maybe? — Corey are in. As for the Mooch himself, he’s nowhere to be found this morning despite the fact that he’s the new communications chief and the White House desperately needs some encouraging messaging for Republican voters on health care. I guess he had no choice but to go dark after that insane New Yorker interview, knowing that his intense hatred for Reince and his novel theory on how Steve Bannon enjoys pleasuring himself would be pretty much the only subjects he’s asked about this morning.

If none of that grabs you, “This Week” will host John Podesta and deputy Russian foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov. Presumably Ryabkov was booked for the purpose of whining about the new Russia sanctions bill Trump just signed, but having him and one of Russia’s most prominent hacking victims last year on back to back should be fun. The full line-up is at the AP.