Paul Begala: We should be debating whether to blow up the KGB

Every time I tweet something about getting tougher with Russia, a few Putin apologists invariably tweet back, “Why do you want to start World War III?” And every time I have the same thought: Even Barack Obama would be embarrassed by a straw man that self-serving.

But then I watch this and think, “Maybe they’re onto something.”

Best-case scenario here: Famous Democrats, including and especially Clinton cronies like Begala, are under enormous pressure to virtue-signal by expressing their opposition to Trump and Russia in ever more sensational ways. You can dislike Trump and suspect he’s guilty of collusion, but unless you’re willing to bang your pots and pans about impeachment you don’t really care. Presumably this is the Russia-hawk version of that. You want to punish Moscow with new sanctions? With a beefier NATO? With economic warfare in the form of cheap and plentiful American energy?

Well, stand back. Because Paulie B’s ready to take it to the next level.

This is a “serious” political commentator on a “serious” network floating the idea of actually starting World War III by bombing Russia. For fark’s sake. Someone let General Begala know while he’s busy wargaming second-wave attacks that “the KGB” was dissolved 25 years ago.