The Washington Post now has a "kids chorus" to mock Trump's tweets

Who at the paper thought this was a good idea? If you’re going to drop your pretense of objectivity to mock the president (with children, no less), make sure the joke is worth it. Having the kids sing some of Trump’s more cringeworthy tweets, like the Mika Brzezinski facelift one, at least would have made the satirical point that he’s a bad role model. Most of these tweets are mundane by Trump standards, though, making it not just mockery but lazy mockery. I can’t imagine what sort of return the paper was hoping to get from it at the expense of gratuitously annoying readers who support Trump, but it plays like the dumbest possible granting of Carl Bernstein’s wish for a “different,” overtly oppositional journalism.

Sneering is a bad look for an industry that’s already disdained for its extreme self-importance. But with three and a half years of Trump left to go, this problem will get worse before it gets better.