Wrestling's new greatest villain: "The Progressive Liberal"

To cleanse the palate, how did it take until 2017 for pro (or semi-pro) wrestling to come up with a sneering leftist as a heel? Half the fun of following the WWF in the 1980s was booing Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik. If last year’s election proved anything, it’s that condescending uncharismatic liberals are the villains everyone of this era loves to hate.

Even so, I was going to slam this guy for not doing nearly enough to embrace the caricature — where’s the hipster beard? — until I read this and discovered … he really is a progressive liberal. It’s like finding out the Sheik is a Shiite fundamentalist in real life.

I say “character,” but I do lean far left. So it’s not like I’m pretending to be something I’m not. I’m just turning it up. I hear Trump chants everywhere I go now, as soon as I walk out…

I still wear my Hillary shirt because my sentiment is, well, the election is rigged. It was rigged, after all. Trump would always say it and yeah, he knew it.

One thing with the fanbase is that Trump supporters don’t seem to pay a lot of attention to details, especially if it’s negative coverage towards their boy. So I have to stick with very general talking points. I’ll say, “You’ve traded your red, white, and blue American flag for a Russian flag,” and that’s as far as I can go into detail. I can’t be like, “You hear about Flynn pleading the fifth?” No one would get it. We’ve tried it before. Like in Kentucky they’re wanting to go to charter schools and despite that being the Betsy DeVos-Republican policy and a hot-button issue in general, I tried it in a live interview in front of a live crowd and it got no reaction. Specifics don’t matter. You stick to general stuff.

Skip to about a minute in of the first clip for extended highlights. “You continually vote against your own interests,” he scolds the Kentucky viewing audience. Yep, he’s a liberal, all right. Another killer line designed to bring down the boos from hometown fans: “You know what, I think Bernie Sanders would make a great secretary of state.” It’s like Volkoff burning the Stars and Stripes in the middle of the ring.

His finishing move, no joke, is called “the liberal agenda.” Exit question: Why didn’t big-time pro wrestling think of this first? Are there really that many left-wing wrestling fans? You could always balance it out with some alt-right character like “The MAGA Warrior” or whatever.