"This jackass is really ticking me off": Is Coulter the only major right-wing media figure criticizing Trump?

"This jackass is really ticking me off": Is Coulter the only major right-wing media figure criticizing Trump?

I wanted to end the week by posting this story about the Trump family’s event planner landing a big job at HUD, but upon further reflection, it’s not newsworthy. A DOJ intern’s going to be running the Russiagate investigation eventually. Why shouldn’t a golf-tournament organizer be disbursing billions in housing dollars? Between Trump’s urge to fire people, the high probability of high-level resignations as his term wears on, and his penchant for trusting only those aides whom he relied on before becoming a politician, we’re probably looking at Hope Hicks as Secretary of Defense circa 2019.

This Coulter Twitter rampage is much more fun:

Mediaite saw that and emailed her to ask her how she really feels. Quote:

It was a whole series today! This jackass is really ticking me off. And today…Cuba? F*cking Cuba? If he’d run a campaign promising to do everything he’s done in the last 6 months, he’d never have been elected.

Are there any other big-name Trumpers holding his feet to the fire like Coulter is? I’m sure Laura Ingraham grumbles from time to time about immigration but until recently she was allegedly considering joining the White House communications team. Some of the alt-right has soured on him but they’re marginal compared to cable-news mainstays like Coulter. Meanwhile, Hannity is rock solid, Gingrich is rock solid, conservative talk radio seems rock solid, Trump’s base seems … mostly solid. Everyone’s on message about “the deep state” and “witch hunts.” It’s pretty much just Coulter as far as I can tell who’s demanding results on the core populist Trump agenda notwithstanding whatever “the deep state” is throwing at him. And it’s pretty much just Coulter who seems willing to acknowledge that the “daily Trump melodrama” is a burden, worth bearing only if it produces meaningful policy gains, rather than some sort of massive pwnage of the left and the media that’s worth celebrating for its own sake. Rage-tweeting about Rod Rosenstein isn’t a good thing. It’s a dumb thing that’s arguably worth tolerating if it pays off with major upgrades to health care, the tax code, and immigration. But it hasn’t yet.

Here’s what Rush was doing today while Coulter was demanding to know what happened to the nationalist vision she was promised.

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