Video: Yep, Hillary's all-in on the "collusion" theory

When the guy’s right, he’s right.

This afternoon’s interview was a tour de force of blame-shifting, as you’re about to see, although the most striking clip is the first one, in which she goes further into detail than any Democrat I’ve seen in trying to stitch together a Trump 2016/Russia conspiracy theory. There’s no end to the dastardly malefactors who’ve victimized her — Trump, Putin, Mark Zuckerberg, James Comey, and even, um, the DNC, which was neck-deep in the tank for her against Bernie Sanders but which still ends up being scapegoated here for supposedly handing her a shoddy data operation. Liberals in the know say that’s pure nonsense, but even so, it serves her ends. If her loss to Trump was everybody else’s fault, then she’s still sort of viable for 2020, right?

The coming primary showdown with Joe Biden is going to be lit.