Cable-access host asks foreign intelligence services to bring down Trump by airing their dirt on him

Among the services he implores: Russia’s. Calling on the Kremlin to doxx a major American politician whose agenda might damage the country was seen as highly, highly inappropriate when it happened during the campaign. What changed?

And who is this guy? He seems awfully angry. He strikes me as the sort who spent a lot of time during the Bush years lambasting the Republican “politics of fear,” yet who now behaves as though he’s transmitting from a bunker because The Regime might “disappear” him if they knew his location. He’s so febrile that you have to believe the only reason he hasn’t taken the next step and called on terrorists to “take Trump out” is because he knows it’d get him a visit from the Secret Service.

He’s got moxie, though. If he keeps it up, MSNBC might let him try out someday.

Incidentally, there are two polls on the Comey firing out this afternoon, one from Morning Consult and the other from NBC/SurveyMonkey. This tweet is really all you need, though:

Give people the “not sure” option (a.k.a. the “who’s Comey again?” option) and a third of them will choose that. Nudge them to make up their minds and they’ll tilt into the “meh, I don’t like Trump so I’ll say ‘oppose'” column. Note that support in both cases isn’t far from Trump’s overall job approval, which stands at 41.9 percent today in the RCP average. If you like Trump, chances are you’re cool with what he did to Comey; if you don’t, you don’t. Same as it ever was. One amusing note from Morning Consult, though: Three weeks ago, just 31 percent of Republicans thought Trump should remove Comey. Today, 62 percent do. The number literally doubled, practically overnight. Mmmmmm, that’s good partisanship. (Democrats were surprisingly stable by comparison: 22 percent supported firing Comey last month, 16 percent support it now.)

Exit question one: Why the hell would Russian intel try to bring Trump down? Even if they preferred Mike Pence as president for whatever weird reason, they’re far better off leaving Trump in place and using any dirt they have on him for blackmail. Exit question two: Hasn’t this tool previously called for Jim Comey to be fired?

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