Sen. Angus King: The Senate Intel Committee should hire Comey to lead its Russia investigation

Why not, says King? “Already has his clearances, knows the subject, man of integrity.” Man of integrity? We all knew last night when the word came down that Democrats (or Democratic-leaning independents like King) would instantly start rehabbing Comey’s image on their side to make him a more effective martyr for Trump, but good lord. A week ago the reigning Democratic nominee was on camera accusing Comey of having cost her the election. Now he’s a “man of integrity.” At this rate, we’re headed for a Trump/Comey election in 2020. What color ribbon will Democrats be wearing on their lapels next week to make the tragic end of James Comey’s career?

I’m 95 percent sure King is just trolling the White House here, as American politics in the Age of Trump seems to be mostly an exercise in each side trolling the other. Case in point: Not only did Trump celebrate day one of the post-Comey era by having the Russian ambassador over to the White House for a photo op, he met with Henry Kissinger too — on a day when critics are screaming about him having just pulled off his own “Saturday Night Massacre.” Was that trolling or Trump just not giving a crap anymore? Fans say the former, the media seems to think it’s the latter:

You can understand his surprise. Who would have guessed that firing James Comey would lead to harsh media scrutiny?

Comey’s not going to lead the Senate investigation of Russia — although that really would be one of the all-time great trolls — but he might testify before the committee next week. What could go wrong?