Video: Yep, the new "Blade Runner" movie looks a lot like "Blade Runner"

To cleanse the palate. Plot details are scarce so all we have to go on is visual style, but that much at least is on point. And no surprise — Ridley Scott’s producing and the guy who did “Arrival” is directing. This is technically a sequel, not a reboot, but if it does big B.O. then Gosling will surely reprise his role in “Blade Runner: 2053” or whatever.

All signs point to “solid” but you can’t help feeling a twinge of angst watching it if you were let down by “The Force Awakens” and especially “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” (TFA was also a sequel and a reboot, of course.) Geriatric versions of Harrison Ford’s iconic characters haven’t made for great flicks lately, but this one seems more ambitious than the usual fan service. Here’s hoping he has one last classic in him. At 74, even the usual “weary elder who mentors a younger action-hero version of himself” role must be taxing.

One encouraging sign: Apparently the use of green screen for special effects was limited. Lots of actual sets, props, etc, instead. If you’ve seen the Red Letter Media analysis of how Lucas ruined the “Star Wars” prequels by green-screening those movies to death, you know this bodes well.

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