Josh Earnest: Obama will jump in and criticize the new administration if Trump crosses any, er, "red lines"

I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking it too, as is everyone who worked for the Obama administration on foreign policy: “Since when does Obama enforce red lines?”

Actually I suspect you’ll find him enforcing lots of moral “red lines” in the future, now that all that’s required of him is giving a speech to an adoring media peppered with lots of that’s-not-who-we-ares. That was 80 percent of his presidency but it’ll be 99 percent of his retirement.

Enjoy the irony of Earnest flagging as an example of a “red line” any potential efforts by Team Trump to start rounding up and deporting DREAMers. I … don’t think you need to worry, Josh. Things change but DACA stays the same!