British Olympian: North Korea has really got a "handle on obesity"

The first time I watched I thought he was making a rhetorical point about how no country in the world really has a “handle” on obesity. Only the communist countries, North Korea and Cuba, have succeeded, and they did it by solving the problem of abundant food.

But no, upon a second viewing, I think he’s sincere. His point, it seems, is that government should lead the fight against obesity and that may require being “controlling on behavioral change.” The only two countries that seem to have figured that out are North Korea and Cuba. Which, yeah — he’s not wrong. When it comes to state control of public behavior, those two really could teach you a thing or two.

This guy is running for parliament as a conservative.

He apologized afterward, sort of:

Exit question: Does Kim Jong-un really have a handle on obesity? Honestly.