Hillary: Trump literally stalked me at the debate, you know

Do these people really not have enough “war on women” material on Trump circulating right now that Hillary has to use a loaded, obviously scripted term like this? Good lord. If you want to knock Trump for trailing her around the stage, you’re better off noting that Democrats themselves have first-hand experience with invading an opponent’s space at a townhall debate to try to break his or her concentration. It was a dumb tactic that didn’t work then, and it didn’t work now. Perhaps future nominees will learn something from it.

It goes to show how comfortable Clinton is with Trump’s attacks on Bill’s sexual misconduct, though, that she’d taunt Trump here by suggesting he’s a creeper. With good reason: Here’s an interesting gender split from a new YouGov poll that asked people if they thought it was appropriate for Trump to bring up Bill Clinton’s behavior at the debate to attack Hillary.


Those numbers are partly being driven by partisan leanings, I’m sure. Men tilt Republican while women tilt Democratic, so go figure they’d view an attack by the Republican nominee differently. The phrasing of the question might be helping Clinton too. The point of Trump’s attack wasn’t to use Bill Clinton’s behavior against Hillary, it was to say that Hillary’s own behavior in seeking to discredit his accusers was gross. But then, that was always the risk in a clumsy messenger like Trump trying to make that point — if voters, especially women voters, saw his insistence on bringing up Bill as a way to shame Hillary, the wronged wife, instead of as an indictment of her for complicity in Bill’s malfeasance, it was destined to backfire. Interestingly, even 29 percent of Republicans saw the gambit as inappropriate while a near-majority of independents, 48 percent, agreed. (Forty-three percent of indies thought it was fine.)

One more poll result. This is the split when people are asked whether Trump would be a good role model for children:


That’s not from YouGov, that’s from the new poll released last night by the far-left hacks at, er, Fox News. Clinton scored 54/43, so feel free to remind your kids tonight that it’s fine to commit a major felony involving national security as long as you’ve got the FBI in the tank for you.

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