Video: Canadian college student sees "safe space" violated by classmate ... wearing Trump hat

Via Heat Street, this is almost the “alt-right vs. SJWs” dynamic in a two-and-a-half-minute nutshell. Almost, but not quite. The snowflake who threatens to tattle to the president of the university admitted afterward that “He is allowed to wear the hat.” She simply asked him to take it off, she explained, because “a university should be a safe space.” A more committed left-wing campus fascist would claim he has no right to wear it because it’s “hate speech” and would want to see him punished and/or the hat confiscated — as it is at the very end of this clip, when a different student snatches it off his head. The Trumper isn’t an alt-righter either: He’s wearing their tribal symbol (well, that and Pepe) knowing, no doubt, that it will antagonize the progressives around him, which is in keeping with the alt-right’s trollishness. But he doesn’t say anything racist. His only so-called offense is the hat itself. Which, I guess, makes this more of a microcosm of the friction over Trump between the left and right generally. The right enjoys the frisson of political incorrectness in supporting him; the left can’t quite believe anyone could support Trump for non-menacing reasons.

Robby Soave has a question: Does this dopey censor-in-training really not understand that Trump fans want the left to overreact?

And look—Trump supporters love this kind of thing. They are out there, on college campuses, waiting for an excuse to claim their free speech rights were violated. This is a clear case of an entitled student, drunk on her moral righteousness, giving Team Trump the ammunition it needs to continuing making its case against political correctness.

…Right, but there’s a whiff in that paragraph of the idea that campuses really aren’t as politically stifling as Trumpers might claim. I don’t think that’s true, and I don’t think Soave thinks it is either — he writes about liberal excesses in ideological conformity at American universities regularly for “Reason.” What he means, I think, is that Trumpers are seeking victimhood for its political value to a degree usually associated with the left. Campus authoritarians are easily baited because they really are authoritarian. Trump fans may get some electoral juice out of proving that periodically but the reminders are worth something to everyone else too. The man has a right to wear his hat. Not everyone agrees. That’s worrisome.