Dem convention, night two: The big dog

Is Bill Clinton so singular a figure that he needed a night of the convention all to himself? Right, I know — former president and spouse to the current nominee, but if they could shoehorn Obama and Biden into the same primetime bloc tomorrow, you would think they might have lined up at least one big name for the undercard tonight. As it is, there are no other marquee speakers scheduled, just members of the public telling their stories followed by the big dog reassuring the country that Hillary will carry on the Clinton spirit even though neither the right nor the left wants to hear that. If they’re going to push that message, having him introduce Herself on Thursday might have been a wiser move. But that has problems too: He’d risk overshadowing her; the one-two Clinton punch would remind voters of the dynastic element; and a candidate eager to pander to women voters is probably better off being intro’d by her daughter rather than by the Clenis. So poor Bill gets kicked into the Tuesday night slot, albeit with the consolation that he has the main 10 p.m. hour nearly all to himself. Will he use this opportunity to remind us of how awful the past eight years have been?

Of note among the “regular people” speaking tonight are Mothers of the Movement, a group of seven black women whose children were killed in high-profile shootings or while in police custody over the last several years. Among them are the mothers of Trayvon Martin, whose shooter was acquitted at trial, and Michael Brown, whose death in Ferguson was, you’ll remember, ruled an act of justifiable self-defense by the Obama/Holder Justice Department. Democrats are going to hear about that from the right tomorrow — why use Brown especially as an example of injustice? — but that’s okay by Hillary. The point tonight is to nudge black voters to show up for her this fall the way they did twice for Obama. If featuring Mothers of the Movement baits Trump or other Republicans into grumbling publicly about them or “Black Lives Matter” generally, that probably helps Clinton achieve her goal. Just as it probably also helps Trump continue to pile up working-class white support.

Here’s your Twitter widget for live commentary from the Hot Air/Townhall/Red State staffs. Will Bernie fans disrupt Bill’s speech? Given the antagonism between him and them, the odds are good.