Sunday morning talking heads

I assume newly minted Clinton crony-in-chief Tim Kaine is the star guest this morning but he’s not booked anywhere yet as I write this on Saturday afternoon. Maybe Hillary will hold him back so that he’s formally introduced to the public at this week’s convention? We’ll see. One thing about the Kaine pick: It signals a surprising amount of confidence within Team Clinton that this election is an easy lay-up the rest of the way requiring no easy panders to goose turnout among the Democratic base. They could have appealed to black voters with Cory Booker, to Latinos with Julian Castro or Tom Perez, or to hardcore anti-Hillary progressives with Elizabeth Warren. Kaine is the guy you choose when you think you’re on a glide path to victory and want as little turbulence as possible. Why Hillary thinks this, I don’t know: Trump’s odds of winning the race continue to climb with a convention bounce likely still to come. If liberals end up staying home in November out of disaffection with the ticket, passing on Warren or another progressive bombthrower like Sherrod Brown will be seen as one of Hillary’s big mistakes. Oh well.

Elsewhere, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort will be on “This Week” to explain why inviting Ted Cruz to speak and then lustily booing him was a smart idea for a “unity” convention and also why it’s no big deal that Trump’s campaign reeks of Kremlin associations, starting with Manafort himself. And Donald Trump Jr will appear on “State of the Union” to discuss his post-convention-speech status as the Donald Trump conservatives wish the party had nominated and whether he’s planning to run for office in New York. The full line-up is at the AP.