Sunday morning talking heads

Political blather moves to the backburner today as the Sunday shows grapple with the ambush attack on police in Dallas and the Sterling/Castile shootings earlier this week. Dallas PD Chief David Brown will be the lead guest on “State of the Union” to update America on the investigation of Micah Johnson and any accomplices and to explain what it’s like facing off against a lunatic who murders five cops and then starts … singing:

A police source told KXAS-TV (NBC5) that Johnson was laughing and singing during the standoff inside the parking garage. He didn’t appear nervous and told police he’d been working out in preparation for Thursday’s assault.

Brown will also undoubtedly be asked about the “bomb robot.” Also Dallas-related this morning: NAACP President Cornell William Brooks will be on “Face the Nation” and Jesse Jackson will be on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the attack, Sterling and Castile, and whether the “climate of hate” criticism typically thrown at the right means “Black Lives Matter” bears some responsibility for this attack. Spoiler: No.

No appearances by Donald Trump are scheduled as I write this on Saturday morning, which is in keeping with his team’s alleged new “don’t let him talk so much” strategy towards the media. Old pro Paul Manafort will be on “Face the Nation,” though, to undoubtedly deny the claim that Trump’s being muzzled and to insist that they’ve got the nomination in the bag in Cleveland despite rumbles from #NeverTrump delegates this week that something might be brewing. The full line-up is at the AP.