Mateen's father: The nightclub's sort of at fault here too, you know

Via Twitchy, don’t worry. He’s not laying all the blame on the victims.

He’s also blaming the cops.

“The first thing I want to say is that club should have had good security,” the Afghani immigrant told Sky News. “The club, that four or 300 people were coming, they should have had good security. If there was good security, he wouldn’t have had this opportunity.”

“They should [have] had a good security and why [did] the law enforcement [come] so late? They should have neutralized him quick,” Seddique added. “Obviously if they had that kind of experience, they should have had better security. After this, any club should have security. So if someone wants to come [who’s] sick, the psycho people [want to come], or these bad people [want to come inside] the club, they should protect that.”

The owners of the nightclub didn’t take the criticism well. What sort of security, I wonder, should every public accommodation in America be on the hook for providing on the off-chance that a heavily armed jihadi comes through the door? One armed guard isn’t enough; the jihadi will obviously find that guy and kill him first. Concealed carry by the patrons would solve the problem, but as others have observed on social media, a confined space where everyone’s drunk at two in the morning and competing for hook-ups maybe isn’t the best place to test how well ubiquitous gun possession would work in practice.

Four days after the worst mass shooting in American history, this pretty much sums up where we’re at:

Anderson Cooper blames politicians who are trying to help for not having tweeted yet about Gay Pride Month. Don’t forget that one.

Like the search for the real killer in the O.J. case, the media search for the real motive in the Orlando massacre continues. I wonder if this offers any leads:

Maybe someday we’ll reach a verdict. In the meantime, pro tip: If your kid just gunned down nearly 50 people in cold blood, maybe hold off on pointing your finger at those who were in a much worse position to stop him than you were. Exit quotation: “Asked why he thought his son had gay dating apps like Grindr and Jack’d on his mobile phone, Mr Mateen said he wished his son was alive so he could ask.”