Mitt Romney on who he's voting for: I'm #NeverTrump to the end, my friend

The annual donor summit at Romney’s house began last night, with plenty of hype that it might yet hatch an independent challenge to Trump. Kasich advisor John Weaver knew better, though. “Some of them will have chardonnay, some will have spring water,” he told WaPo yesterday, “they’ll wring their hands, they’ll bemoan the state of the party and then they’ll leave.” That … sounds exactly like where Mitt’s at here.

I won’t run, he reiterates to CNN for the eight thousandth time, and I won’t vote for either major-party candidate but I’ll take a hard look at voting for Gary Johnson — assuming he can let go of his marijuana fascination. Which is like saying you’ll consider voting for Trump if only he’ll stop with the personal insults. It’s his signature trait, bro. It’s the ground beef in the hamburger.

When asked why he won’t support Trump, he says, “I don’t want to see trickle-down racism.” He may not be voting for Hillary but he’s handing her some dynamite attack ad material. I think he’s 100 percent sincere about his concerns, though. How about that? Of the two members of the 2012 ticket, the flip-flopping RINO at the top turns out to be the one with principles while the conservative ideologue at the bottom decides to play ball with the nationalist demagogue. Although maybe that’s unfair to Ryan. If Romney were Speaker of the House and Ryan were enjoying a comfortable retirement, which one would be voting his conscience and which would be toeing the party line?

Eh. He’s a better man than we deserve as president, even if he did blunder terribly by accepting Trump’s endorsement in 2012. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to ponder the meaning of life in a world where there are no more “Romney 2016?” troll posts to write.

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