Trump lawyer on why Trump attacked Bill Clinton's accusers in the past: "He was being a true friend"

Via Mediaite, I thought Trump’s relationship with the Clintons was purely transactional, just a property developer kissing up to big-name pols in a crooked system in order to protect his business interests. What’s this “true friend” stuff?

Here’s a perfect example of the difference between Team Trump and a traditional political campaign. A traditional campaign, asked to explain their candidate’s dramatic self-interested reversal on a matter, would float some BS aimed at presenting it as the result of a process of careful deliberation. “New facts have come to light” and so on. There’s at least a gesture towards integrity. Cohen doesn’t bother. Why’d Trump criticize Bill Clinton’s accusers and continue to pal around with him for years, long after Juanita Broaddrick had introduced rape into the mix of allegations? Hey, says Cohen, they were friends. And why, having maintained that friendship with Clinton right up to the moment he launched his campaign — replete with a phone call last spring between the two of them in which Clinton allegedly encouraged Trump to play a “larger role in the Republican Party” — would Trump suddenly become credulous about the accusations now? Hey, says Cohen, he’s running for president. What you’re left with is the small, apparently unimportant matter of whether Donald Trump actually believes Bill Clinton is guilty of rape, which seems to trouble Cohen not a bit. Either Trump embraced Clinton for the last several decades despite suspecting he was guilty of a grievous violent felony or he’s grossly smearing him now by accusing him of a grievous violent felony despite suspecting he’s innocent. Which is it? Trumpworld doesn’t care. It was to Trump’s personal advantage until June 2015 to ignore rape accusations against Clinton and it’s to his personal advantage to believe them now. What does it matter whether a rape actually happened or whether Trump believes it?

Exit question: Is a “true friend” also obliged to ignore murder in order to “protect” his acquaintances? I guess we know the answer.

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