Video: WaPo columnist eats his words about Trump -- literally

To cleanse the palate. Most political writers, me included, believed Trump was doomed in the primaries. Only one went so far as to say he’d eat his words if Trump won. Well, Trump won. Bon appetit, bro.

Someone at WaPo, probably Milbank himself, thought it’d be fun to turn this stunt into an hour-long livestream event with nine courses. Good lord. Have we learned nothing from the BuzzFeedification of the media, my friends? This should have been a 90-second viral clip in which the column is mashed up, stirred into a smoothie or whatever, and then chugged while Milbank gives the obligatory “this stinks!” look to the camera. This is supposed to be about degradation, not getting drunk on wine while you enjoy beef bourguignon with little newspaper flakes sprinkled on top or whatever. Even here, the elites can’t give the people what they want.

By the way, I recently made a friendly bet (involving a donation to charity) with talk-radio host Steve Deace about Cruz and Trump. Deace insists Cruz won’t back the nominee. Oh, but he will, I say. There’s no way he’ll pass up his big opportunity to position himself for 2020 by giving a Reagan ’76 unity speech at the convention. Stay tuned!