"Do you have any integrity at all?": Cruz backer Steve Deace goes off on pro-Trump cable news pundits

To cleanse the palate, a little catharsis for Cruz fans facing a grim month and a half. One thing that’s striking to me about the pro-Trump pundits on cable is how few of them there are. Right now, I’d bet, there’s no easier way to get on American television than to be a member of the chattering class who’s willing and able to speak semi-intelligently in Donald Trump’s favor. The demand among the cable nets must be enormous, not only because viewer demand for all things Trump is high but because it’s essential to have “his side” represented in panel discussions for “balance.” You would think the supply of TV pundits willing to provide that service would rise accordingly to meet demand, but nope. On CNN it’s pretty much McEnany, Scottie Nell Hughes, Jeffrey Lord, and a couple of others onscreen every few hours in an endless churn. Where are all the Trump hacks?

Yeah, yeah, I know. “They’re hosting shows on Fox News.” Touche.

This might not be the last time you see Deace go this route on CNN, incidentally. Here’s his new credo:

Exit question: Did Kayleigh McEnany, Trump fan, actually criticize “ad hominem attacks” here? Did I hallucinate that?

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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022