Sunday morning talking heads

Amid rumors of tension between campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and new “convention manager” Paul Manafort, you’d think Team Trump would want to book them together on one of the Sunday shows to signal unity. Nope. Manafort will appear on “This Week” this morning while Lewandowski will sit down with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” (Cruz’s own convention manager, Ken Cuccinelli, will also appear on “This Week” although it’s unclear if he’ll debate Manafort or appear in a separate segment.) It’s a cinch that Wallace will press him on whether he’s been usurped inside Trump’s campaign by Manafort but I wonder how much time he’ll spend on the Michelle Fields incident. If she’s serious about suing him for defamation then every interview Lewandowski gives on the topic risks him saying something that’ll place him in greater legal jeopardy. What does he say if Wallace asks why he claimed originally that he never touched her and whether he still thinks she’s “delusional”? And will Lewandowski show him the phone records that prove he called Fields but never got through?

Elsewhere this morning, infectious disease specialist Dr Anthony Fauci will be on “Fox News Sunday” and “Face the Nation” to explain why it’s time to start worrying (or worrying more) about Zika. And Hillary Clinton will appear on “This Week” for a hard-hitting interview with former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos. The full line-up is at the AP.