Video: Mostly retired president havin' some fun today, thank goodness

Via Mediaite. We can’t allow terrorism to disrupt people’s ordinary lives, he says. Right, but he doesn’t have an ordinary life. Fifteen years later, liberals still occasionally wet themselves over George W. Bush sitting there for a few minutes listening to kids reading from “My Pet Goat” before bolting to go deal with 9/11. Meanwhile, this guy’s outside the country taking in a ballgame sitting next to one of the Castro brothers while DHS is scrambling to make sure nothing’s in motion inside the United States. (John Kerry and Susan Rice, the president’s national security advisor, are also at the game today in case you’re thinking his deputies are on the case in his absence.) I thought Obama learned this lesson a few years ago, after he issued a statement condemning the beheading of James Foley and then went straight to the golf course. If, God forbid, a bomb went off somewhere in the U.S. while he was busy getting Raul to autograph his scorecard, he’d never hear the end of it. That’s how you know we’re in the late-stage YOLO period of Obama’s presidency. If he’s willing to take in a game while Europe’s on code red for terrorist attacks, we can safely move him from the “semi-retired” to the “mostly retired” category.

Like Stephen Miller, I’m just grateful that President Ash Carter is still hard at work, keeping a firm hand on the ship of state while this guy enjoys his Cracker-Jacks or whatever they serve at the park in a broke communist country. Two clips for you here, one of Obama chatting with ESPN and the other a supercut from the Free Beacon that makes clear Donald Trump really would be well suited to the post-Obama office of the presidency, now that you mention it. And before you ask, yes, of course Obama and Castro did the wave today — at a baseball game. As if this sad spectacle wasn’t already un-American enough.

Update: Wait, what? This is how his new friend Raul welcomes him?

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