The low-energy "Hot Air and friends" Arizona and Utah livetweet extravaganza

Trump’s going to win Arizona, possibly by a wider margin than expected given the yin-yang relationship between terrorism and authoritarianism, and Cruz is going win Utah, possibly by a smaller margin than he needs to get to 50 percent and make the state winner-take-all. That’s the only real suspense in tonight’s results. If Cruz can’t make a majority in his stronghold, there’ll be an uptick in pessimism tomorrow about his ability to stop Trump. If he can, it’ll be status quo until Wisconsin. The punchline is, if Trump cleans up this evening, it might ensure that Arizona — yes, really, Arizona — ends up as a swing state this fall. Gulp.

Apropos of nothing, I’d totally watch this show if it were a three-judge panel with fellow Trump endorsers Chris Christie and Ben Carson alongside Palin. Here’s your Twitter widget. You know what to do.

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