ICYMI: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ends campus political correctness as we know it

At the end of a long week, it came down to a choice between posting this as a palate cleanser or posting about Jim Gilmore finally suspending his campaign-in-theory. I chose the newsier of the two developments, a guy using a sock to goof on college students.

It’s 10 minutes long but worth every second. My one criticism is that the students aren’t nearly as pissy as you’d like them to be to make a bit like this work as well as it could, although that’s probably unavoidable. How many hardcore Social Justice Warriors are going to sign up for a panel to try to explain “intersectionality” to a dog puppet on some comedian’s hand? Most of the kids here take everything in good humor — although look out for the blonde in the glasses, who does seem like maybe she wandered into the wrong room on her way to the Campus Feminists meeting. It was an act of mercy that Robert Smigel didn’t zero in on her as his prime target for the sketch, which could have been a lot of fun.

There’s some profanity here so do what Rubio would do and make sure the kiddies are in another room.

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