Time for Team Hillary to break out the gender card for young liberal women who prefer Sanders

I did not expect the “aggressive gender demagoguery” chapter of the campaign to begin until after she’d clinched the nomination, or at least had lost a single primary. But I suppose it’s never too early to start shaming your opponent, especially when that opponent is up 20 points with a demographic that’s supposed to be “yours.”

This feels like the right way for feminism to end, with the would-be first woman president smearing other women as traitors and boy-crazy for preferring a man on the merits of his ideas.

While introducing Mrs. Clinton at a rally in New Hampshire on Saturday, Ms. Albright, 78, the first female secretary of state, talked about the importance of electing a woman to the country’s highest office. In a dig at the “revolution” that Mr. Sanders, 74, often speaks of, she said the first female commander in chief would be a true revolution. And she scolded any woman who felt otherwise.

“We can tell our story of how we climbed the ladder, and a lot of you younger women think it’s done,” Ms. Albright said of the broader fight for women’s equality. “It’s not done. There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

[Gloria] Steinem, 81, one of the most famous spokeswomen of the feminist movement, took the sentiment a step further on Friday in an interview with the talk show host Bill Maher. Explaining that women tend to become more active in politics as they become older, she suggested that younger women were backing Mr. Sanders just so they could meet young men.

“When you’re young, you’re thinking: ‘Where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie,’” Ms. Steinem said.

Actually, I take it back. The right way for feminism to end is with an accused rapist scolding his wife’s critics for sexism:

Former President Bill Clinton, the accused rapist and serial sexual harasser, lashed out at a campaign event in New Hampshire on Sunday at the cohort of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders backers dubbed “Bernie Bros,” accusing them of engaging in “vicious trolling” of Hillary Clinton’s supporters.

“People who have gone online to defend Hillary and explain why they support her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane — not to mention sexist — to repeat,” Clinton told a crowd of 300 gathered at Milford Middle School Sunday afternoon according to Politico and Bloomberg Politics.

If anyone should have absorbed the lesson that leftism trumps feminism among those who adhere to both whenever the two conflict, you would think it’d be Bill and Hillary. Her viability as a candidate exists only because feminists have spent decades turning a blind eye to multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against him, a benefit of the doubt that no Republican and few Democrats of lesser stature would receive. (Poor Kathleen Willey is planning to lead a new campaign against Hillary this year, as if that’ll do any good with any Democrats who’ve tuned her out until now.) Like the Kennedys before them, the Clintons were in a position to advance The Cause, therefore they got a pass. Hillary relies on that benefit so completely, in fact, that she doesn’t bother to curb her own rhetoric on rape even though it opens her up to obvious questions about double standards. The Clintons’ problem is that Bernie Sanders is the left’s hero this year and will remain so until they’re convinced he has no shot at the nomination. He’s the one advancing the cause — for the moment — and, like I said, leftism trumps feminism. That means the sort of cheap gender-solidarity pander being pushed by Albright and Steinem will do no good right now and may actually harm Hillary by showing some young voters just how much nasty calculation is involved in the demand that people vote their genitals. Why make this move so soon and risk alienating anyone when Hillary’s still on track to do well in South Carolina and beyond?

Two quotations for you to ponder before you watch. One comes from a young woman Democrat in New Hampshire: “You have to go for who has the best ideals. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t necessarily make her the best candidate.” The other comes from reporter Molly Ball: “I had one young woman say to me she thinks Hillary is only there because of her husband.”

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