Smart, substantive new Hillary ad: "44 boys is too many"

If we’re already at the “adorable little girls wishing for a woman president” stage of Hillary’s gender pander, where will we be next October? Where can they go from here? The answer, I think, is towards victimization. Hopefulness of the sort you see below makes sense early in the campaign, when there’s no enemy yet to demonize. Now’s the time to add a feelgood glow to your campaign by emptying your arsenal of shiny-happy fireworks. Once there’s a GOP nominee to finally run against, that’ll be the moment to get crazy with the “voting for Republicans is like voting for rape” war-on-women cheez whiz. If you enjoy following politics (especially elections) purely as spectacle, that’s one reason to be glad that Hillary will be the nominee: She’s a cinch to crank out some of the most cartoonishly demagogic ads in modern political history next fall. She’s famously ruthless, she has no meaningful policy accomplishments to run on, and she’s up against eight years of voter fatigue with the Democrats’ agenda. All the ingredients are there for a scare campaign like no other. Besides, victimization is simply the other side of the coin of the sort of hopefulness you see here. Her message will be that we can either make the dreams of America’s women and girls come true by granting Hillary Clinton the distinction she’s always wanted or we can spiritually violate them by denying her that distinction. That’s what Campaign 2016 will boil down to for the Party Of Ideas.

In fairness, it’ll be good for America’s girls to learn that they too can ascend to the highest office in the land without achieving anything great. Previously that was a lesson for our boys. Exit question one: Is Rubio or Cruz going to have to respond as nominee with an ad like this involving young Latino children? You may not like identity politics, but if it helps the party win, it’ll be used. Exit question two: Should we quibble with the cutie pie here who says “44 boys” when there have only been 43? On the one hand, she probably hasn’t learned about Grover Cleveland in history class yet. On the other hand, some adult obviously wrote “her” note for her (what young child would say something like “44 boys is too many”?), so what’s their excuse?

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