Confirmed: Ben Carson would not abort baby Hitler

To cleanse the palate, a bit of trolling by lefty sports-media satirist PFT Commenter that’s been made oddly topical by Jeb Bush. Sean Trende tweeted a few days ago that the chaos in this year’s primary can be laid mostly at Jeb’s feet — if he hadn’t spooked Bush-weary Republicans by jumping in, if he hadn’t irritated everyone by raising a ton of money off of family connections at the very beginning, the craving for outsiders that’s propelling Trump and Carson might not have been as strong this year as it is. Now you can thank Jeb for something else, making “would you kill baby Hitler?” a semi-serious topic for Republican candidates. Every candidate must be put on the record. What say you, Donald Trump? Will you smother the infant Fuhrer in his crib?

Imagine it. One stage, one night only, one-on-one: Rubio versus Cruz. Topic: Baby Hitler.

Carson’s answer here is, of course, correct. The book on this subject will not be closed, though, until one of the candidates is forced to riff on what baby Europe might have looked like circa 1960 if baby Hitler was snuffed but baby Stalin wasn’t. Cruz is the egghead of the field. I’ll bet he could do 20 minutes of “a world without Hitler” counterfactuals cold.

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