Obama and Biden were running late so they made Pope Francis's plane turn around

There are so many minor stories that are embarrassing to liberals to blog about this afternoon, it’s hard to choose just one. Should I blog the fact that gutless Hillary Clinton waited for the Pope’s arrival to dump the news that she’s taking the predictable orthodox left-wing position on the Keystone Pipeline? Should I blog about left-wing writers being so stupid that they don’t realize the word “retarded” has a non-slur definition? Or should I blog the fact that America’s been planning the Pope’s visit for months and somehow Obama still couldn’t quite get to the airport on time?

When in doubt, go with O. And really, in his defense, he might have had a good reason to be late. He has a lot on his plate right now, like doing nothing while Putin takes over Syria.

As the pope stalkers of the world watched his flight path on the Alitalia website, suddenly… the plane started making donuts. Several loops over North Carolina later, the pope is back on his way to D.C…

A source on the ground at Joint Base Andrews said several government officials told him the reason the plane started circling was that Obama and Biden are running late to the greeting ceremony. Ooops. Seems like even the bishop of Rome has to adjust his schedule around Beltway traffic.

On the one hand, so many extra emissions. On the other hand, let’s keep this in perspective. It’s not like Obama isn’t going to deliver much grander insults to the Pope later this week.

Here’s video of the fateful meeting with color commentary by a newly demoted Brian Williams. One’s the leader of a faith of millions of people who consider him infallible, and the other’s Pope Francis.

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