Video: Sure sounds like Hillary supports no legal limits whatsoever on abortion

This must be part of that new “humor ‘n heart” Hillary charm offensive we keep hearing about.

Realistically, this is the one subject on which she can’t make any moderate noises whatsoever, right? It’s essential to her First! Woman! President! pitch to single women (and, far less plausibly, her “I’m an outsider” pitch to everyone else). That’s why her first speech as a candidate this year was about abortion and that’s why she’s been going way, way over the top in attacking Republicans on it. She may be a fraud on everything else, including her supposedly staunch support for gay rights, but when it comes to abortion she needs to prove her feminist bona fides by being an uncompromising warrior. And hypothetically that means being willing to murder a baby while mom’s in labor if need be. Anything to protect her war-on-women talking points about “GOP extremism.”

Two clips for you, one of her abortion comments and the other of Hillary declaring that she’s a real person, the most touching embrace of humanity by a robot since “Blade Runner.”

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023