Of course: Hillary compares GOP candidates to terrorist groups in views of women

What she means here when she says “extreme views about women” is, in the case of Republicans, wanting to defund Planned Parenthood because it’s a death factory and, in the case of ISIS, building a death factory that involves thousands of women and little girls being sold into sexual slavery. If those views seem similarly “extreme” to you, you probably also think GOP hawks who want to deny Iran a nuclear bomb and Iranian hardliners who want to acquire a nuclear bomb are making “common cause” with each other because each believes the nuclear deal doesn’t serve its interests.

This sort of shrieking “war on women” demagoguery was always going to be the core message of Hillary’s campaign, just because she has so little else to run on apart from her First! Woman! President! narrative. I wonder, though, if she’s turning to it earlier than she’d planned to on the stump. This is the sort of thing you hammer in the home stretch, when both sides are telling themselves that electing the other party means certain doom for America. To some extent she’s driven to it by circumstance: The Planned Parenthood sting videos have galvanized Republicans into coming after PP so she has little choice but to make hay by using that to galvanize her single-woman base. But it’s not all circumstance. Go back and look at those Quinnipiac numbers in Jazz’s post this morning, as brutal a poll result as you’re likely to see for the duration of the campaign. This new poll out of West Virginia is devastating too:

The poll also noted about 36 percent of those likely to vote in the Democratic presidential race supported Hillary Clinton, while 32 percent supported Bernie Sanders. About 32 percent remained undecided.

Clinton was recognized by nearly all of the survey’s respondents while Sanders could not be rated by a third of respondents.

Hillary beat Obama in the West Virginia primary in 2008 by — no typo — 40 points, which makes sense when you consider that WV is essentially a red state with a fondness for centrist Democrats like Joe Manchin. Of course the centrist Clinton would be preferable to a liberal there, let alone a self-described socialist like Sanders. Except she isn’t. Her advantage over Obama has disappeared as West Virginia Democrats feel the Bern and/or, more likely, join the rest of America in concluding that Hillary’s a shady liar whose server shenanigans suggest willful wrongdoing, not mere incompetence. Her woman-warrior shtick here, replete with fearmongering about Republicans as terrorists, is the easiest way for her to change the subject in the media. Until Trump’s next press conference, of course.

Exit question: Any other reasons why Hillary might want to subtly emphasize her First! Woman! President! potential right now? Hmmmmmmmm.