Megyn Kelly's guest on tonight's "Kelly File": Jorge Ramos

We thought the feud was over. We thought wrong.

“Fox News host Megyn Kelly is no stranger to Trump’s bullish tactics,” notes the Fusion press release touting Ramos’s guest hit tonight. Indeed. She’s tweaking Trump here, obviously, by giving his immigration nemesis a platform to call Trump a child-deporting fascist and grieve over how his right to grandstand on Trump’s dime was brutally suppressed for five minutes or whatever. Here’s your open thread to gripe, grumble, and groan about the great Fox News/amnesty/anti-Trump alliance. Easy prediction, though: Kelly will go out of her way to challenge Ramos on whether he was out of line in turning what was supposed to be a Q&A with reporters into an opportunity for his own special brand of pro-illegal hack-flacking “journalism.” This won’t be a pattycake session, no matter how much she relishes the chance to make Trump squirm by giving Ramos a soapbox. Her strategy ever since the debate has been to take the high road and largely ignore Trump. Scrupulous professionalism is her way of answering the shots that she’s a “bimbo” or some damsel in distress who’ll whine about how mean Trump’s being when a male reporter would be expected to shake it off. And scrupulous professionalism demands that she not go easy on Ramos, no matter how much of a jackhole she may think Trump is. I’d go so far as to say that Kelly’s more likely to go extra hard on Ramos tonight than to go extra easy, purely to show that she does her job no matter where her personal interests may lie. See if I’m wrong.

If you’re looking for someone to take Ramos’s side against Trump, though, may I interest you in Jeb Bush?

“I think people with the press ought to be treated with a little more respect and dignity,” he told reporters…

Bush’s comments came after a town hall event in Pensacola, Florida, where Bush continued to blast Trump’s immigration proposals as “not conservative” and said the real estate mogul should be held to the same standards as other Republican candidates.

“This guy is now the frontrunner,” he said. “He should be held to account, just like me.”

Ask Jeb to choose between condemning a propagandist’s right to filibuster at a press conference in the guise of “reporting” and receiving gentle treatment by a major Latino media outlet and its star anchor and he’ll choose self-interest every time. Coincidentally, the White House also wasn’t real keen today on how Ramos was treated. There’s your green light, liberals, to heckle President Jeb at will one he’s in office. If the Secret Service tries to haul you off, remind them of the “respect and dignity” you’re due. After all, you’re not a protester, you’re a “journalist.” In the Internet age, we all are.

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