"Go back to Univision": Trump kicks Jorge Ramos out of presser for asking questions without being called on

Alternate headline: “Trump rises another 10 points in Republican polls.”

When reporters first started huffing about this on Twitter, it sounded as though Trump had booted this guy out of the room for doing nothing more than asking him a question he didn’t care for, an ominous sign from a would-be president who’s building a reputation for holding grudges. But that’s not what happened. Ramos, true to form, simply stood up and started grandstanding about deportation as Trump tried to call on another reporter. He’s the most shameless amnesty shill in American media and makes no apologies for it; his advice to colleagues in journalism is “Don’t be neutral. Neutrality is for referees in a football game.” He’s an activist for a cause more than a reporter. When someone fitting that description stands up at a public event and begins talking over the speaker, there’s a word for it: Heckling. And hecklers get tossed. That’s what happened here.

Trump eventually let him back in the room, if only to spare America the ordeal of endless think pieces tomorrow about Jorge Ramos’s sacred First Amendment right to talk over everyone in the room at a press conference, and went on to argue with him at length. And they both benefited from it tremendously with their respective constituents, no doubt.

Update: Made me laugh: “Walker will be kicking a reporter out of his next press conference.”

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