Video: How to destroy your cell phone -- by Lindsey Graham

Via the IJ Review, this reminds me of the clip that Carly Fiorina did last week for BuzzFeed, which now has more than half a million views on YouTube. Hers was shrewder because there was a campaign angle to it: It was a way to tell young voters who might not know her bio that she’d overcome sexism in the business world to become a CEO. Plus, Fiorina’s on the polling bubble for the final spot in the first GOP debate so a little extra BuzzFeed buzz made sense. Graham … isn’t on the bubble. His national polling average right now, according to RCP, is 0.0. Unless Fox News suddenly decides to include all of the candidates in the debate, polling be damned, or Graham gets a very unexpected bounce from his war this week with Trump, he’ll be sitting at the kids’ table on August 6th. (Which, given the new 5 p.m. time slot for the also-rans’ forum, isn’t a terrible place to be, actually.) I don’t think he made this clip because he thought it’d earn him votes, I think he did it as a matter of pure personal pride. To his credit, he refuses to let Trump’s phone stunt yesterday get under his skin, at least publicly:

Now that I think of it, this is a twofer. It’s a shrug at Trump and it’s also a goof on his nemesis, Rand Paul, who’s been reduced to video stunts involving him physically destroying the tax code to try to get back on voters’ radar. This may, in fact, be as close as Graham gets to a direct confrontation with Trump or Paul: Although his campaign began as a mission to check the latter and lately has evolved into a mission to check the former, their polling numbers guarantee that they’ll both be part of the main event at the first debate and, probably, the main event at the second in September. Will Graham? It’ll be a bitter pill to hyperinterventionists everywhere if he doesn’t get to call Paul a hippie to his face onstage.

Exit quotation from Trump on doxxing Graham: “I did it for fun, and everybody had a good time.”