Video: Man who opposed gay marriage three years ago makes oddly passionate case for it after SCOTUS decision

You would think someone who opposed the practice as recently as 2012 would be more ambivalent about today’s Court decision, more circumspect in his language about a practice which, he assured the entire voting public of the United States, conflicted with his deeply religious worldview when he first ran for president in 2008. As it is, this is as fulsome a celebration of gay marriage as you’ll find outside an Anthony Kennedy opinion or an Andrew Sullivan blog post. Here’s the thing about “evolution”: It happens, but it’s supposed to take awhile. With Obama, it was lightning fast. Any theories about why that is? Anyone want to spitball an explanation for why the rhetoric here, variations of which were surely uttered around candidate Obama many, many times by his circle of left-wing intellectual pals, supposedly wasn’t persuasive enough to convince him of the justness of the cause until after he was safely elected president?

I’ve written the “Obama’s a ridiculous fraud” post about his SSM “evolution” many times over the past three years and should retire the genre today, now that the issue’s effectively settled as a matter of law. But for the record, and I say this as a supporter of gay marriage myself, it will never not amaze me just how cynical this tool was in lying about his true position on the subject in 2008. I don’t single him out in saying that, either; half the Republicans in Congress are no doubt just as egregious in concealing their true feelings about gay marriage as O was. But I can’t get over just how free his free pass from the left was given that opposing SSM is treated as a basic moral litmus test by liberals for any other pol. You would think simple humility after his grand deception would lead him to rein it in here a bit, a final nod to the fact that he lied for his own political gain and should at least keep up a small pretense that he used to feel otherwise. But no. In fairness, he’s always been an ends-justifies-the-means kind of guy when it comes to campaign promises: He claimed he’d rein in runaway executive power as president and move away from the more controversial instruments of American foreign policy, like drones, and he’s done the opposite, but he’s gotten results that make liberals happy — amnesty, smoother implementation for ObamaCare, lots of dead terrorists for Democratic campaign operatives to point to. He got elected for the (supposed) power of his words but there may be no modern president whose campaign rhetoric meant less once he was in office. Coming soon: The big nuclear sellout to Iran from a guy who vowed that he’d never let Iran get the bomb. Liberals will applaud that one too. Give the guy this much — he produces for his base, even while he’s lying to their faces.

If you think his salute here to gay marriage is overly fragrant, wait until Hillary finally steps before a camera to address it. She’s got a lot more to atone for on this subject than O does and she knows it. We may see actual tears.