Depressing ad of the day: Text "Carafem" for an abortion

Via Patrick Brennan, righties were passing this around on Twitter last night with a mix of horror and dark humor. Question, ladies: Even if you were thinking of aborting, this insta-reply from your husband/boyfriend isn’t the response you’d be looking for, right?


That reads like a goof on male panic over parental responsibility, as if the guy, in his haste to get her to a clinic, couldn’t spare an extra three seconds to type out a full sentence about taking her to Carafem. In fact, he’s not even offering to take her; all he’s really saying is, “Go. Now. I’LL CALL YOU A CAB.” The first few texts in the sequence actually leave it ambiguous as to whether “Lauren” is thinking of keeping the baby or not. Maybe she’s made up her mind to abort, or maybe she’s leaning that way but wants to see his reaction, or maybe she’s not leaning that way and is hoping to see some joy over the news. Imagine being that woman, telling your man that you’re late, and having his eyes glaze over as he bellows “Carafem.” Better cancel the baby shower, huh?

Even weirder, though, is that they’re putting this sentiment in a man’s mouth when the first commandment of abortion is that killing the life inside her is a woman’s choice alone. They could have easily rewritten this ad to do that: The guy would say something like, “But we can’t afford a baby now that I’ve been laid off,” and then the woman would reply, “Carafem.” You’d think the last thing a group as casually pro-abortion as this one is (“Abortion. Yeah, we do that.”) would want to suggest is that its “patients” are being pressured into using their services by panicky men who don’t much care to know what their wives or girlfriends want to do about their pregnancy. But I guess any abortion is a good abortion, whatever its motivations, right?

It’s a comfort to know, though, that we’ve now reached the stage of enlightenment where decisions to kill can be made via text rather than in a face to face discussion. The inevitable wacky Carafem Snapchat ad from inside the clinic exam room should be fun. Oh, by the way, the House passed a bill yesterday afternoon that would ban abortion of babies older than 20 weeks, the age at which they can feel pain. Of the 184 Democrats voting, exactly four supported it.

Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET