Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

After a week that saw riots, state charges filed against six cops, and more hot takes than America can safely bear, Baltimore and the death of Freddie Gray are naturally the top topics on the Sunday shows. The man to watch: Tim Scott, who’ll be on “This Week” to elaborate on what he said a few days ago about being able to relate to the rioters’ hopelessness (while not condoning their tactics) and why he supports an “opportunity agenda” in Congress to help poor black communities. Key bit:

So he’s offered amendments on school choice, workforce readiness, and apprentice programs. “There is no way around it. This is ground zero for the fight around poverty,” he said. But perhaps like the impoverished looters in Baltimore—no one is listening… until there’s drama.

“I have stayed on the opportunity agenda,” he said. But he “can’t get anyone to pay attention to it, except when the crisis occurs… Is there any frustration that we haven’t moved faster? Yeah.”

If that doesn’t grab you, Bernie Sanders will be on “This Week,” Martin O’Malley will be on “Meet the Press,” and John Kasich will be on “Fox News Sunday” as part of this morning’s Sunday-show theme of “guys who’ll never be president.” John Boehner will also be on “Meet the Press” to discuss … I’m not sure what. All the action on the Hill lately has been in the Senate. Maybe he’ll give us a sneak preview of the coming GOP sellout on ObamaCare subsidies. Because, trust me, it’s coming. The full line-up is at the AP.