CNN anchor: Maybe some of this police brutality is coming from young veterans "eager to do battle"

Via the Free Beacon, after 24 hours of some searing “hot takes” about Baltimore’s riots, this may be the very hottest. Show of hands: Who thought that several days of people looting, burning things, and throwing bricks at cops’ heads would end with blame for young American veterans, smeared here with the suggestion that they’ve returned from war damaged and dangerous? And to think, we complained when CNN refused to cut away from the White House Correspondents Dinner to cover Baltimore on Saturday night. If this is the alternative, they should re-run Obama’s best zingers until the streets are quiet again.

I’ll bet there’s a thinkpiece or two tomorrow defending Baldwin on this, though, not because her theory’s sound but because laying ultimate moral responsibility on Bush’s wars is a much better narrative for liberals of what’s happening right now than “the Left fighting the Left over the failed policies of the Left” is. On that note, consider this an open thread to comment on whatever happens, or hopefully doesn’t happen, in Baltimore tonight. The streets are quieter right now than they were at this time yesterday, partly due to a heavy National Guard presence in central Baltimore. The curfew’s in effect this evening beginning at 10 p.m. too, which should keep some would-be protesters/rioters home. That’s not to say, though, that everything’s been smooth today: An armored police truck escorting firefighters met “resistance” in the streets earlier. And the Orioles canceled their game against the White Sox for the second night in a row, with tomorrow’s afternoon game to be played … with no fans in attendance. No foolin’ — the game’s closed to the public. Not only that, but this weekend’s series against the Rays, which was supposed to be played in Baltimore, will be moved to Tampa instead. Which means, if you’re a baseball fan, that the O’s will play their next four games in empty stadiums.

Here’s a live feed from Baltimore’s Fox affiliate if things get hot again and you’re eager for local coverage. As a bonus below, also via the Free Beacon, enjoy the very hottest hot takes on Baltimore from MSNBC, starting with cartoon character Michael Eric Dyson warning viewers not to “point a gun of analysis” at the rioters.