Video: Rubio rips Obama for his policies towards Israel in 15-minute Senate floor speech; Update: Obama warns Netanyahu on Palestinian state

Via the Free Beacon, lots of excited buzz about this on conservative Twitter as I write here. Makes me wonder if it’ll end up moving him into the first tier of 2016 candidates, a move he’s seemed poised to make ever since people started grumbling about Scott Walker’s flip-flopping. If it doesn’t boost him in the polls, at least it’ll heal some wounds with righties who are still irritated about his support for amnesty.

Kind of surprised that other 2016 hopefuls haven’t been as quick out of the chute to make a speech like this after the Knesset elections. Defending Israel and Netanyahu while unloading on Obama is one of the safest bets in American politics in terms of building goodwill with grassroots conservatives. And it’s perfect for Rubio’s brand as an unapologetic next-gen hawk, a sort of American Netanyahu on foreign policy. Mama Rubio didn’t raise no dummy. Exit quotation from Jay Cost: “Marco Rubio is the most naturally talented politician in the GOP.”

Update: Good question from Michael Warren. When does Her Majesty, a famous hawk herself, deign to give us her view on the White House’s approach to Israel? Is she Team Bibi or Team Barack?

Update: Bad news for Bibi, good news for Rubio. This speech will play even better now.

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