Video: Semi-retired president reads Twitter insults directed at him

Is this a palate cleanser or is it news? It’s silly, but for a guy who’s now basically sidelined the legislature as a policymaking entity, it’s as close as he gets these days to accountability.

Originally he was supposed to do Kimmel’s show last year as part of his summer of fun while Ukraine was blowing up and the border crisis was raging. He ended up canceling after deciding that late-night comedy might be a little too much fun under the circumstances. Then, a month later, he announced the murder of James Foley by decapitation before proceeding directly to the golf course and danced the night away at Martha’s Vineyard while the protests in Ferguson were gaining momentum. Turned out there’s no such thing as too much fun after all. Seven months later, he’s free once again to do his Kimmel appearance now that foreign affairs have calmed down, apart from the hot war between ISIS and Iraq and the developing clusterfark of the Iran nuclear deal.

These comedy bits from Obama tend to coincide with some sort of pitch from the White House aimed at young voters. They’ve calculated, not incorrectly, that shiny objects in the form of viral videos are an easy way to grab twentysomethings’ attention. Typically those pitches are all about ObamaCare: He did the Zach Galifianakis interview last year and the BuzzFeed video segment this year shortly before the O-Care enrollment deadline, to get young adults to sign up. What’s the pitch this time, though? He spent most of the “serious” part of the Kimmel interview talking about Ferguson. Does the White House fear that they’re losing support among young voters because Obama hasn’t been louder on that?

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David Strom 6:41 PM on January 26, 2023