Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

It’s an eclectic news menu for the Sunday shows this morning with Hillary’s e-mails, Netanyahu’s speech, the DOJ’s Ferguson report, the GOP’s cave on DHS funding, and the Selma commemorations all in the mix. “Face the Nation” alone will have Mitch McConnell on the big amnesty sellout, Trey Gowdy on Clinton’s shady e-mail cover-up, and Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for Michael Brown’s family, reacting to the fact that Eric Holder’s own Justice Department has now vindicated Darren Wilson. One guy who’ll be asked to address multiple topics is our old friend, Republican turned Obama supporter Colin Powell. Does he think the looming nuclear deal with Iran is a good one? (Probably.) Does he think Netanyahu’s speech was a bad idea? (Surely.) Is he troubled by the results of the DOJ’s investigation into the Ferguson police department but nonetheless, as the first black SoS, hopeful about progress on civil rights? (Yes and yes.) Does he think it’s bad practice for the head of the State Department to take her e-mail off the grid, where it’s more vulnerable to foreign hackers? That’s the only answer where he might surprise us. Does he bash Hillary or ride to her rescue? Expect a hedge along the lines of “troubling but not necessarily nefarious.”

Powell will be on “This Week” along with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who’ll update America on how our new battlefield alliance with the arch-terrorist leader of Iran’s Quds Force is going. The full line-up is at the AP.

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