Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Some smart Sunday-show booker somewhere surely tried to arrange a Rubio/Paul debate-brawl over Obama’s Cuba initiative this morning, but alas, it’s not to be. Rubio, capitalizing immensely all week in leading the opposition to O on the right, will be the star guest on “Meet the Press,” “This Week,” and “Face the Nation.” Paul, at least for the moment, isn’t scheduled anywhere. How come? We’re well past the point already of him lying low on this topic to protect his right flank. He might as well go all-in by debating Rubio and earning some courage-of-his-convictions points from conservative voters.

If you’re not up for more Rubio, the guy in the White House who actually made the deal with Cuba will be the lead guest on “State of the Union,” followed by John McCain because I don’t know why. Maybe Rubio decided he was spread too thin to do a fourth show today and CNN’s bookers fell back on the most reliable anti-Obama superhawk they could think of. The full line-up is at the AP.

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