Oh my: Plurality of Republicans think Mitt Romney should run for president

Is it relevant that his favorable rating among the general public is 36/47? Or that 58 percent think he doesn’t care about their problems versus just 42 percent who think he does? Or that 52 percent believe he’d lose again to Hillary, with a mere 24 percent confident in Romney victory?

No, my friends. None of these things is relevant when you’ve got readers to troll. Believe.


Seventy-two percent of Republicans say he’s qualified to be president while independents split 49/30 in favor of those who agree. And yet, he trails Hillary 43/32 in a hypothetical 2016 match-up, with fully 13 percent saying they wouldn’t vote if given that choice. Sounds like just the sort of effervescent, galvanizing candidacy the GOP needs. Look on the bright side, though: There can’t possibly be more people willing to boycott a Clinton/Romney election than there are willing to boycott another Clinton/Bush election. Shucks, I’ll be boycotting that one myself.

I don’t want to raise expectations unreasonably but you-know-who’s sounding more like a candidate every day:

Mitt Romney, who lost the 2012 election to President Barack Obama, has been traveling the country making appearances on behalf of Republican candidates in this year’s midterm election. At one of these events in Nebraska on Monday evening, Romney unleashed a scathing assault on the “terrible” Obama administration…

He went on to accuse Obama of having a foreign policy that is “very different” from all other post-war presidents. Romney said Obama has ignored “three principles” that were first established by President Harry Truman: that American must “be involved in the world,” that we must “promote our values,” and that we need a “military second to none.”…

He went on to contrast this with the Republican Party, which Romney argued is offering better solutions. Then, Romney, who is sometimes cited as a potential 2016 presidential candidate made an admission.

“A lot of times we’re not as effective in communicating our message as we should be,” Romney said. “I’m to blame for that too and I wish I would have won.” 

Scarborough asked him for a RomneyWatch™ update this morning on “Morning Joe” and Mitt said that he’s not planning on running. Emphasis: Not planning. I wasn’t planning my eight thousandth “will Romney run again?” post on Hot Air when I woke up this morning either. But here we are. Here we are.

Exit question: If we’re destined to be stuck with another RINO as nominee, you want Romney or this guy? One of those candidacies would be decidedly more fun to write and read about than the other, I guarantee you.