New feminist advance: Adorable little girls dropping tons of F-bombs

Via E! Online, which seems to find this darling, and Mediaite, a tribute to the empowerment that can only come from having a six-year-old use the word “motherf***er” repeatedly. All but the most hardcore feminist parents who watch will wince (or worse), and even the hardcore ones will gurgle out a few supportive words only because The Cause requires them to. In that sense, this is the most counterproductive PSA since that British climate change spot from a few years ago that showed little kids exploding, a lesson to those who worry that liberals too often seem to want kids to grow up too fast that, yep, they should worry. But parents aren’t the target audience, right? The target audience, I assume, are teens and twentysomethings who’ll see this, squeal at the transgressive Outrageous Outrageousness of it, and send it around on Facebook with “OMG so funnee” comments. To the niche it’s aimed at, I bet this is effective. If you claim the feminist label less as a considered ideology than for the posture of rebelliousness it affords against the sinister, Cthulhu-like patriarchy, this should be right up your alley. They might as well have gone the whole nine yards and made one of the little ones have a mock abortion, swinging the doll-fetus around by the umbilical cord for extra sassiness.

I missed the Annie Lennox comments on twerking as, ahem, feminism yesterday but Ace had a nice post on it last night. Be grateful that they spared us that type of “empowerment” in this clip. Here’s your content warning, although you don’t really need it: Not one of you will make it more than 20 seconds through the clip. It’s that shrill.

Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by from on Vimeo.